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Ride Velocite Feel Invincible

You will have noticed this logo on our latest products. The “Ride Velocite Feel Invincible” (or RVFI for short) is more than a throwaway tag line, it is a factual summary of the feedback that our testers, customers and sponsored riders gave us after using our products. It is also a shorter way of saying: “wow, this bike is awesome, never rode anything like it”, “the wheels roll forever, I feel much faster than before”, “the handlebars have a perfect shape and are extremely light”, etc.

When you ride Velocite products you will feel an improvement in your confidence and you will feel faster and more aggressive. You will feel invincible. We should explain though that you may not actually be invincible just because you use our products, but you can rest assured that they are not holding back your potential for winning, or achieving personal best efforts.

Even if like the most of us you do not race, you will be rewarded by the same invincible feeling when assaulting your favourite hill, or accelerating to overtake a hapless rider ahead of you, or while barrelling downhill full of confidence knowing that despite the higher speed that you are still in complete control.

RVFI is also a guiding philosophy for our product development and company direction. We believe that in order to create a truly high performing complete bike, all control and power transfer components must work at the same level. Velocite is in an almost unique position in that we are able to make and specify the performance of frames, wheels, stems, handlebars, and even cranks and thus achieve perfect system integration, the RVFI way.



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  1. Very, very nice bikes, superb Geos and Magnus. Good homepage but poor marketing for Europe and that is a shame. Manolis

  2. Thanks Manolis. Regarding marketing in Europe. I am going to Norway next month to help officially launch Velocite Europe. We have in fact not started markeing in Europe yet because we felt that we were not ready to properly service the market and the customers there. Velocite Europe will hold inventory and offer warraanty and customer service for all European and other nearby countries .

    1. Thank you for your reply, Victor. I can wait.;-)) Whish you success…..there is something special about Velocite. Quality and a kind of spirit behind I like.

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