Race Across Italy 2017 – how 2nd place was won

The Pain I can’t walk, can’t even bend my knees.  An ironic second place, second fastest overall, and two of my crew have to help me off the stage.  Marco, the jovial & enthusiastic race commentator, asked me how I felt: I had never been in more physical pain in my life and hadn’t slept […]

Lee Rodgers. MBC with Velocite Flux 29er and Venn Rev 35 TCD wheels

Venn Rev 35 Wheels – Eurobike Award Winners!

To say that the new partially machine made filament wound Venn Rev 35 wheels have created a stir in the market, and in the entire bike industry would be an understatement. The level of interest in our new technology has been amazing and as our production ramps up expect to see our filament wound rims […]

Stefan Wyman, Sports Director for Matrix Fitness – Interview.

We at Velocite continue to be happy with our involvement with the Matrix Fitness – Vulpine team supplying them with our Velocite Geos frameset. It’s great to hear how they’re getting on and that not only includes the riders but also Stefan. Stefan is doing an amazing job of leading the team. So without further […]