About frame stiffness – what is stiff?

During the many discussions with several frame stiffness testing centers and providers my understanding that frame stiffness tests are largely done in a somewhat inexact manner, mostly lacking any statistical validity, was reconfirmed. A quote from one engineering lab in particular sums up the situation nicely: “And, to be perfectly honest, the bicycle industry has […]

Velocite Magnus, the stiffest road frame on the planet

To start, there is no such thing as “optimal stiffness” and there is no circumstance where a torsionally flexible frame offers any advantage to the rider. Our goal is to make torsionally the stiffest frames in any category where we have products. We will explain the above statements in greater detail over time by using […]

Sneak Peek – Velocite @ Taipei Cycle Show

As Taipei Cycle Show is coming up next Wednesday, let us show you all the fun you can find at the Velocite stand this year: What’s new? Magnus The new model will have fully internal cable routing, 2-in-1 Di-2 electronic and mechanical shifter compatibility, new graphics and tuned layup to drop 10% of weight but […]