Venn 507 rim family – wide carbon rims for wide tires

The new Venn 507 CTL (continuous tangent layup) technology rims are now already being delivered to happy customers, and now I am happy to be able to show you the first stable prototypes of the filament wound version. Here is the almost final Venn Rev 507 TCD rim.



As a reminder the Venn 507 rims were designed to work especially well with 25mm wide tires in terms of aerodynamic performance. Most rims in the market only achieve good aerodynamics when used with tires that inflate to maximum 24mm width.


You will note that the Venn 507 do not have the currently popular “U” shape. This is not an accident but a result of extensive CFD work. In our (and others’ see new Enve rims) research we found that “U” shape rims do not have good aerodynamics with wider tires, and that the only way to make the “U” profile rims more aerodynamic when used with wide tires was to make a very wide rim that would also have to be deeper than 50mm. We did not want to do that since with increase in depth and width the surface area of the rim increases and therefore the rim weight goes up.

Venn 507 rims range from 480 to 500g in weight depending on version and manufacturing method (CTL or FWT, rim brake or disc brake).

Regarding the prototype filament wound Venn Rev 507 rim that features in the photo at the top of the page, this is actually very big news when it comes to technology. You see, it was us that kick-started the automated carbon rim production “revolution” with the release of the first commercially viable rims made using automation: Venn Rev 35 series rims (Rev is short for “revolution”) that we showed at the 2015 Taipei Cycle Show. There are now several new manufacturers of filament wound or tape wrapped rims in the market, but we are still 18 months ahead of them when it comes to technology and the 507 rim is another strong indicator of our technology leadership. The processes that our competitors are using are limited to a shallow rim profile, or they suffer from layup geometry distortions (curved fibers, curved tape) even if they manage to wind or wrap the rim. We demonstrably do not have that problem.

Venn 507 made using the manual CTL layup process are available for order now while Venn Rev 507 are available for sampling and testing with full production expected by March this year.