Velocite Syn first wind tunnel run

The initial run in the wind tunnel at the Flanders bike Valley during which time the PIV imaging system was tested indicates that the revolutionary downtube design that we use in the Velocite Syn functions as expected. This is actually exciting for two main reasons: no bike company ever did anything like this so there was no precedent to follow, and it was designed to do exactly what it did, just by using science …and one year of CFD simulations.

Initial test run for the new PIV system at the FLanders Bike Valley wind tunnel
Initial test run for the new PIV system at the Flanders Bike Valley wind tunnel


So, what does the initial result show? It shows that with the bottle inserted on the downtube the drag is 12.3% LOWER than without the water bottle. It also shows that our development methodology is sound and that our CFD simulation capabilities are good. Test were done without a full wind tunnel calibration, but results were corrected versus the “no load” condition. Inlet velocity was 12 m/s, ambient temperature was 25 C. The bike as a whole was not optimized for a wind tunnel run since the only area of interest was the downtube performance.


Note to my industry colleagues: I would like to personally thank you for following us so closely, noticing our development and recognizing the value of our designs to modern bicycles. I would like to advise you however that the downtube design is protected by three patents, and that we have not decided to release this design into the public domain. I thus invite you to contact us to discuss your current, or future use of our design in your products. Since using the downtube design without our permission after you have been informed of your transgression is not only disrespectful and unethical, but also financially irresponsible, for you. Please note that we will defend our intellectual property using every channel available, including but not limited to public shaming, in all languages. You can then look forward to attempting to defend any of your intellectual property from other copycats after setting such a negative precedent. Thank you for your attention, and let’s talk in private instead.

Protective eyewear is a must when dealing with a powerful laser
Protective eyewear is a must when dealing with a powerful laser

Sincerely, Victor Major, CEO and R &D Director, Velocite Tech. Co Ltd and Velocite BVBA.