Velocite Syn geometry

We now have the final Velocite Syn geometry for all the remaining sizes. In all, there will be 4 sizes at launch. I apologize to the very tall riders up front for not making a size XL available at the outset, but historically we had very little demand for our largest sizes. We do expect the Syn to be a very popular model however so the size XL may come sooner rather than later.

Velocite Syn 2D CAD

The geometry of the Syn is as deliberate as the rest of the frame design. I purposefully stayed away from some of the fashionable choices when it comes to aero road bike, or other superbike design and focused just on rational performance based engineering  making it possible for each Velocite Syn bike size to have the identical key geometry points. All Velocite Syn sizes have the same head tube angle, the same seat tube angle, the same fork offset, the same BB drop. This means that the center of gravity remains the same for each bike size and that the front wheel trail is also identical for each Velocite Syn bike size. This ensures that the bike you ride will handle as well as we intended it to, regardless of the frame size.

The Velocite Syn sizing is governed by the well accepted stack and reach approach and you will find that both reach and stack change in a linear fashion from size to size. We also paid attention to the standover height as ultimately we need you to enjoy riding the bike in safety and comfort.

Without further ado, here is the geometry table:

Seat Tube Angle 73º 73º 73º 73º
Head Tube Angle 73º 73º 73º 73º
Fork offset (mm) 43 43 43 43
Seat Tube Length (mm) 440 460 480 500
Top Tube Length (mm) 522.5 538.5 554.5 570
BB Drop (mm) 68 68 68 68
Head Tube Length (mm) 100.5 124.5 148.5 173
Reach (mm) 368 377 386 395
Stack (mm) 504 527 550 573
Standover (mm) 713 734 756 779
Wheelbase (mm) 949 965 981.2 996.9
Trail (mm) 58 58 58 58