Velocite Syn – 28mm tire? No problem

Just a quick post to say that the high volume Michelin Dynamic Sport 622 x 28mm tire fits well when mounted on the 18mm internal width (26mm external) Venn Alter 44 wheel.

Of course the clearances are a bit tight, but the Syn’s rear triangle is very stiff, and the 12mm through axle makes sure that any movement at the hub is minimal. Therefore I do not foresee any issues out on the open road.

The clearance at the fork is very large due to the fork’s aerodynamic design which aims to minimise pressure drag due to the rotating wheel.

Velocite Syn red 28mm front tire and fender

So, the Velocite Syn is an aero road bike that works very well even with very high volume 28mm tires. It is special.

Velocite Syn 29mm tire compatible

Here is one somewhat blurry photo showing the rear wheel fit.


Velocite Syn 28mm rear tire

Velocite Syn red 28mm rear tire