Venn Rev 35 wheels aero data

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The literally revolutionary Venn Rev 35 series of wheels continue their shakeup of the carbon rims and wheels industry. And now we also have wind tunnel aerodynamics performance data showing some exciting results even when compared against well respected deep profile (50mm and beyond) wheels.

The test was performed by Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) in Taiwan. They are a government and industry funded bicycle industry R&D and testing center and many products that you are using now, or will use in the future, from across the brands will have passed through their hands during or after their development. Meaning, CHC has experience and a decent track record with working with bikes. That is all they do in fact.

The data I am showing, and the choice of comparator wheels was theirs. We had nothing to do with the test itself or preparation or presentation of data. This is about as hands off as it can possibly get and therefore free of any of our bias at least.

Venn Rev 35 aerodynamics data

Aerodynamic drag in grams across different angles of attack

Wheel 10° 15° 20°
Zipp 404 2013 281 260 246 242 204
HED Jet 6 Plus 284 261 203 130 86
Reynolds 58 Aero 248 241 217 285 256
Giant SL1 Aero 307 289 241 206 237
Venn Rev 35 TUC 287 273 299 311 270

The data shows that the Venn Rev 35 wheels perform very well at zero angle of attack, coming to within the error margin to the 2013 Zipp 404 and HED Jet 6 Plus, with the drag increasing with the increase in the angle of attack until at 20 degrees the drag comes very close to the well regarded Reynolds 58 Aero wheelset.

All this is very good given that the Venn Rev 35 are as the name says just a 35mm profile wheelset, not a 50mm + profile wheelset, with the corresponding benefit of better handling in cross winds and lower weight.

Of course the other benefits of the Venn Rev 35 range are more uniform mechanical performance due to the semi automatic nature of their manufacture, and low cost.  You can see the range here: Venn Rev 35 wheelset range

Finally, the official accolades keep coming in. Besides the 2015 Taipei Cycle d&i award, and the 2015 Eurobike Award, the Venn Rev 35 wheels and rims have just been awarded a Golden Pin Design award.