Venn Rev 35 Wheels – Eurobike Award Winners!

Venn Rev 35 TCD Eurobike Award winnerTo say that the new partially machine made filament wound Venn Rev 35 wheels have created a stir in the market, and in the entire bike industry would be an understatement. The level of interest in our new technology has been amazing and as our production ramps up expect to see our filament wound rims on more and more bikes worldwide.

The 2015 Eurobike Award is the second major award that the Venn Rev 35 wheels and rims have won. The first being the 2015 Taipei Cycle d&i/if Design award.

Awards are nice to have, but nothing beats in-field testing to establish the true performance potential of the new product. We took a new set of Venn Rev 35 TCD wheels from a wheel box and installed them on our sponsored rider’s Lee Rodgers, Velocite Flux 29er bike which he rode at the 2015 Mongolia Bike Challenge – a 7 day, 900km epic race through Mongolia. Lee’s verdict after the race: “wheels were outstanding”.

Lee Rodgers. MBC with Velocite Flux 29er and Venn Rev 35 TCD wheels
Lee Rodgers at the 2015 Mongolia Bike Challenge with Velocite Flux 29er and Venn Rev 35 TCD wheels

Now, the special “trick” that the Venn Rev 35 TCD wheels pull off is that they are actually also our standard wheels for road disc brake bikes. In fact we use them with our soon to be released Velocite Syn road (super)bike. The hubs are convertible between any current axle and dropout standard and can accommodate tire widths (field tested) from 22mm, to 2.2″. Thus here we have the one wheelset that can veritably handle just about anything, weigh 1650g and cost under $800. There is nothing like them either technologically, nor price wise in the market today. Oh, and they are tubeless tire compatible too.

The rims and wheels are available now to OEM customers, dealers, distributors (directly from us or if in USA, via with local financing and delivery options), and end users via our website.