Velocite joins Flanders Bike Valley innovation center

Flanders Bike Valley


Velocite is an R&D driven bike company. Everything we make prioritizes function over form and this approach defines everything that we do. Over the past several years we have acquired a good deal of expertise, in-house resources and relationships within and from outside of the bike industry to help us develop new products. The results of which are evident in the new filament wound Venn carbon rims, and the new Velocite Syn bike frame.

However, we are still a small company and R&D is actually rather expensive, both in terms of finance and in terms of time. Joining the Flanders Bike Valley innovation cluster in Belgium will allow us to enhance and accelerate our R&D process as well as provide us with significant additional knowledge and insights that would otherwise take a long time to acquire.

The R&D possibilities are extensive as not only do we gain access to the new bicycle specific wind tunnel that features advanced full scale particle image velocimetry (PIV) flow visualization capabilities, but also additive manufacturing, bicycle dynamics research, systems integration expertise, and access to various other research facilities throughout the EU.

The other benefit for Velocite and Velocite’s customers is the opportunity to set up a permanent sales and service office in Belgium and thus finally be in a position to properly enter the EU market. We are still working on the details of this so stay tuned. The first step will begin at this year’s Eurobike show where we will be attending along with the Flanders Bike Valley A7-300, so come and see us, the new Venn rims and the Velocite Syn in person.

Exciting times ahead!