Velocite TOR! Name reveal and further details on our latest bike.

Velocite Tor Logo

After much deliberation we are calling our new bike Velocite Tor. If you like, this bike is the son of  Velocite Magnus. Whilst it shares some of the characteristics of it’s father it has it’s own identity. We could also hail it a pure cyclocross bike but, it’s capable of so much more, that it would be doing it some injustice. So, Road. Dirt. Wherever. We think that suits the bike just fine. The word TOR is an old Celtic word meaning hill or craggy outcrop, a place where this bike would be happy. A place where we want you to take this bike. See more on the meaning of Tor at Wiktionary.

Velocite Tor fork name

The forks have been given the honest name of bolt. For the obvious reason, they’re bolt through design. You may have noticed a symbol or a series of three symbols in the logo. Well it’s a code and if you can work it out (and reply first) we will send you a waterbottle! So far we are on track for an October release and are just finalising paint schemes. Yes paint! After a long run of black bikes it’s also time to add some colour back into our range of bikes. We are hoping to offer the bike in more than one colour but, again this is being finalised as I write. Below are the geometry tables to help you see what size would be best for you. More details to come as we gear up to welcome the Velocite Tor to our range of bikes that are Built to Hammer: Go Race.

Velocite Tor Geometry