Show us your Velocite bike

It’s really nice to see people out there enjoying their Velocite bikes. We would love to hear from you and share pictures of your Velocite bike here on the blog. So feel free to pop us an email or leave a comment so we can show it to everyone. The above picture is from here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Most Sundays a group head out from our shop and enjoy the local scenery and stop for something to cool down in the summer heat. So whether it’s sunshine or rain, be sure to show us your Velocite. You can check out our shop over on Facebook here.

  • Brendan Sean McLaughlin

    Results. These are what you get when you own the Velocite Magnus (or
    any Velocite model for that matter). I did not have a good picture to
    share of just the bicycle, but as you can see it produces results. I
    was never the strongest rider in the peloton, so I needed an edge that
    nobody else had in order to make it onto the podium consistently. Since
    the early 2000s I had been riding a Fuji Professional Road Bike. It
    was lightweight, but a little flimsy with too much flex. I felt
    defeated at every finish line as the pack eased on by me, even as I
    gritted my teeth and gave it my all. The setup I had was not very
    effective as most of my power was being lost due to the back and forth
    flexibility around the bottom bracket area. I could literally feel my
    frame around the crankarms swaying left and right as the power was being
    increased. I needed something new, something more efficient, and
    something more powerful and stiff. I needed a Velocite Bicycle!

    the help of my teammates and Victor Major himself, I was able to
    purchase and build up the machine of my dreams… The Velocite Magnus.
    Picture a man struggling to make it into the top half of the results in
    category 3 races. That was me on the Fuji. With the Velocite Magnus, I
    found myself on the podium three times within the span of a month!
    People must have thought I was doping with such a jump in the results,
    but not so! Add to this a 4th place finish and two 5th place finishes
    and I wasn’t long at category 3. I have Velocite to thank for my
    success, and look forward to many more successes with this setup.
    Thank-you Velocite Bikes. I am forever in your debt as I follow my
    dreams in the sport of cycling.