A look at Velocite Team USA


Our Velocite team in the US continues to do well. Some of you know of them but, we thought it would be good to get a bit more insight. Why the team exists and what they’re goals are so we caught caught up with team member Thad to give us the low down on the riders and the team in general.

“I put our team together back in 2004.  We had three objectives which we retain today.  Our primary goal was to build a team of friends – guys to enjoy each other’s company on and off the bike.  In fact, our initial six core members are still together today.  Our second goal was to help younger riders develop their skills so they could take their racing to the next level.  To date, we’ve had five of our former riders turn pro.  Our third goal was to get results.  Over our 10+ years, we have had over 100 podiums and dozens of wins.


Our team has consisted of riders who have entered their very first races while riding for us to riders who have done professional stage races in Europe.  In fact, as a team, in 2005 we competed in the FBD Insurance Ras (the Tour of Ireland), one of the most difficult pro-am stage races in the world (former Telekom rider and 1999 Tour de France Alpe d’Huez stage winner Giuseppe Guerini actually said the Ras was more difficult than the TdF).  We achieved a few top 20s on a few of the stages there.

We are based out of Boston, so most of our races are local to the New England region.  However, we do make annual trip to Florida and to other locations to compete against the best riders in other parts of the country.

In 2009, while searching the internet for a new title sponsor for our team, I came across an obscure cycling website from Taiwan – cycletaiwan.com.  I clicked on the “sponsorship” link, and little did I know that the trajectory of our team would immediately change.  Victor began a dialogue with me that not only netted the team a new sponsor, but it established a new and enduring friendship with Victor.  For ’09 we raced as Cycle Taiwan, but in the fall of that year, Victor announced to me that he was creating his own brand of bikes.  Only having known Victor from some emails back and forth from opposite sides of the world, I was a bit skeptical.  However, in the spring of 2010, not only were we now the Velocite USA Cycling Team, but with our deliveries of the Velocite Isoflow bikes, we knew immediately that we had lucked (or fated, if you wish) into something fantastic.  The Isoflow impressed us from the first pedal stroke and was like nothing else we’d ever ridden.  It blew us away!


The next year, with the creation of the Velocite Helios, we were once again upping our win and podium totals.  Victor and Velocite were continuing to take our collective breath away with each new bike they designed.  This held true with the team’s use of the Geos and the Magnus in subsequent years.  We very much doubt better bikes could even exist in someone’s imagination – though if there’s one person’s imagination that is creative and broad enough for such a conception, it’s surely Victor’s.

Already this year we have had a number of wins and podium placings.  We are aiming to sweep the podium for the fourth straight year at the Spudcycle Classic on July 20th which takes place in the hometown of our Wunderkind, Brendan McLaughlin.  Participating in only his first full year of proper racing, he’s already attracting a great deal of attention not only from his results, but from the stylish, daring, and flamboyant riding that he exudes in each race, taking relish in putting his competitors through as much suffering as possible trying to chase his every attack.  It won’t be long now until he, too, like some of our dynamic alumni, move on to bigger and better things that await him.

We continue to race as a team, enjoy each other’s friendship, and fall evermore in love with each new version of bikes that Velocite produces.  We couldn’t be more proud to represent Velocite bikes for our sixth straight year. ”