Velocite Magnus carbon road bike frame – the 3rd generation

Velocite Magnus frameset

The Velocite Magnus carbon road bike frame has entered its 3rd generation of refinement.

Key new features include:

  • a revised layup shedding 5% of weight while maintaining its legendary stiffness
  • dual compatibility with internal Di2 or internal cable shifting achieved by changing user replaceable adapters
  • new flat black semi opaque finish with ultra bright decals that reflect additional light versus standard decals – increasing night riding safety


In addition to the new features we have also collected new performance data to better inform our customers and sponsored athletes of how to best extract the most performance from the new Magnus road bike.


Velocite real time CFD simulation demonstration of the Magnus bike at the Taipei Cycle Show 2013
Velocite real time CFD simulation demonstration of the Magnus bike at the Taipei Cycle Show 2013

We took the 3rd generation frame to a large low speed wind tunnel to set the baseline for future product development, correlate our CFD simulation data with the wind tunnel data, and to test the following parameters:

– aerodynamics with deep profile (Velocite RT50 road tubeless wheels) versus lower profile (25mm) but very wide rim (26mm) wheels.

– aerodynamics with or without two water bottles mounted on the down tube and on the seat tube


NCKU low speed wind tunnel
A (very) large wind tunnel with a test chamber more than adequate for a bicycle, eliminating the boundary effects that plague the automotive wind tunnels.
Velocite magnus at the wind tunnel
Velocite Magnus with Velocite RT50 road tubeless wheels in the wind tunnel, mounted on an instrumented plinth that spins the front and rear wheels. The drag force is measured independently at the front and at the rear anchors.

I will not present the total drag numbers in terms of grams as it will only lead to confusion. It is not possible, nor scientific, to directly compare wind tunnel data between different wind tunnels, or even between different runs performed at different times inside the same wind tunnel. What is possible, useful and repeatable is comparison of trends and analysis of findings from the wind tunnel run.

The chart below shows the difference in drag among various Magnus bike configurations at two wind angles of attack: 0 and 10 degrees. Why just two? That is all that we needed for our research. We are not positioning the Magnus as an aero bike thus we do not need to massage extensive amounts of data into a competitive advantage, even though its shape has become increasingly popular among other brands who see it as an aero road bike

Velocite Magnus with RT50 wheels percentage drag

This second chart shows the same results presented as percentages of difference versus the baseline which is the Velocite Magnus with Velocite RT50 road tubeless wheels.

Velocite Magnus aerodynamic dragThere are a few conclusions that can be made from the data:

  • Velocite RT50 wheels are more aerodynamic than lower profile, wider rimmed wheels both at 0 and at 10 degrees
  • Velocite Magnus aerodynamics are not adversely impacted by the use of water bottles.


Besides aerodynamics we also conducted frame stiffness testing. This time we engaged the services of EFBe in Germany who tested a Magnus size L frame for torsional and pedalling (BB) stiffness. The Magnus achieved the following numbers:


Steering Head Stiffness (frame only): 113 Nm/°
B/B Stiffness (frame only): 156.5 N/mm

Steering Head Stiffness (frame + fork): 107 Nm/°
B/B Stiffness: 121.7 N/mm


This is in line with our own test results reconfirming the extreme stiffness of the Velocite Magnus, and it gives us a very good baseline for further design and layup optimization. One important thing to note is that comparing EFBe numbers above with any results not obtained by EFBe is not useful. Even when using machines supplied by EFBe the results obtained vary significantly due to variations in protocols and testing procedures.

The new Magnus is now better than ever, it is lighter, stiffer, more aerodynamic (due to internal cable routing) and it features a new contemporary design that will make it stand out among the more conservative competition.

The new 3rd generation Velocite Magnus is now available for direct sale through our website: Velocite Magnus Carbon Road Bike

Some of our dealers and distributors also already have stock, or shortly will have it. You can locate them with our Velocite Network tool.