Velocite USB armband bracelet

You wrist feeling a little naked after snipping off that yellow band?

Here is our solution! And it is a lot more useful as it contains a 1Gb USB memory stick.




…in fact we made this band to hold our product information instead of contributing to deforestation by printing glossy brochures 🙂

  • How do I Get One? My Email is [email protected]

    • Victor Major

      Hi John… thanks for the question. We are not sure yet as we did not expect it to be so damn cool. We did not intend to sell it. The original intent was just to hand them out to interested customers and distributors at the Taipei Cycle Show, but now that I have seen how neat this looks, and how useful it is we may make more and offer them for sale at a low price. We may even make larger versions with 4Gb or 8Gb for example.

  • Nice to have. Usefull. How do I get one?

    • wow 🙂 they are old now and we made a second version since then…and they are all used up now. We have yet to make more. I will let you know when a new batch is ready.