Velocite Flux Alloy 29er MTB – first rides

The Velocite Flux Alloy 29er MTB was in development for quite a while – I just realized that I was again going to write for “a year” which is true, but repetitive. All or our new product development ends up taking almost a year. We do not believe in rushing things. In fact the freshly named full carbon tubeless ready 29er wheels, the Velocite CTR29 have been in testing and development phase for about two years.

Velocite Flux Alloy 29er

Back to the Flux 29er then. The first prototype last year, also with the prototype Velocite CTR29 wheels, gave me a good indication of what to expect. It handled very well, it climbed better than expected (I posted faster times than the best I could achieve on a 26″ MTB), the grip was astonishing, and it was great fun when it came the time to claim the downhill reward.

Velocite Flux Alloy 29er

Well, for the past three days I have been riding the actual production version of the Flux Alloy 29er with the final spec Velocite CTR29 wheels, and I am blown away! It is just so much fun! Climbing is even better now as the frame shed 300g of weight from its prototype days (now size L weighs 1680g), but the difference that I feel is in the handling. It all just feels tighter, with even better control.

Velocite CTR29 wheels with brand new Maxxis Ikon 29 x 2.2 TR tires

There is no vagueness, not even a hint of the front wheel wanting to go its own way, down a path of least resistance and into a bush or a tree. It all just works so well that even an average rider like my can ease into the trail and just ride – no thinking. It does not matter if I pick a smooth line or a rough line with rocks and drops, the Flux Alloy 29er does it all. In fact it handles so well that changing your line mid corner while blowing through a rock field only needs a touch of brakes to stand the bike up followed with a small twitch of the handlebars. The amount of control that the Flux Alloy 29er provides you with is embarrassingly great.

Velocite Flux Alloy 29er with Velocite CTR29 carbon wheels, with SRAM x9 and Syntace cockpit
Velocite Flux Alloy 29er with Velocite CTR29 carbon wheels, SRAM x9, Syntace cockpit and Magura TS8 R forks

This makes it a perfect bike for the advanced rider as anything you can do, the Flux Alloy 29er will follow, but it is also perfect for the less practiced riders as the Flux Alloy 29er will not bite back. You (we) can make mistakes, or change your mind mid corner for example, and nothing bad will happen. Your smile will remain and you will still feel like a hero. I do.