New products are coming

A few long awaited products are finally getting close. As you know I am actually quite proud of our long development cycle and our relentless pursuit of excellence…and of our suppliers.

This delivers truly excellent products and a very solid product lineup with no “range filler” products just to satisfy a price point. The problem is though that this approach creates delays, serious delays.

Nevertheless, here are a few of the items that you will see and that will not be lost in a sea of indistinguishable products.

Velocite Tenax rims

Velocite Tenax rim
Velocite Tenax rim, 347g average weight, 30mm profile

Tenax 30mm welded alloy rims are made for us by GLM (Giant Light Metals), a thriving, if still somewhat obscure high end rim manufacturer, and a part of the Giant group of companies (yes the bicycle brand Giant). The fascinating thing about GLM is that they do not just make the rims, they make the actual aluminium alloy too. GLM is the only rim manufacturer that has an aluminium alloying and refining smelter on site, next to their  aluminium extrusion factory. This gives GLM a unique ability to develop the optimal alloys for bicycle rims as well as make the rims themselves.

The alloy used with our rims is called G609 and is a proprietary GLM version of a 6 series alulminium alloy.

We have been testing these rims for over 7 months now and they performed brilliantly under light and heavy riders and in all weather braking. The initial samples were 480g, then they went down to 470g, and now the final Velocite Tenax rims are just 437g average weight! I think that this makes them the lightest 30mm profile alloy rims in the world right now.

Tenax 30mm alloy rim specifications:

Material: G609 aluminium alloy
Construction: welded, anodized, CNC braking surface with wear indicator
Profile: 30mm
Width: 19mm
Drilling: 20h, 24h
Weight: 437g

Price: TBC

The first wheelsets to be made using the Tenax rims will be our…Tenax high performance training wheels that I will introduce next week. The basic premise for the Tenax wheels is that training should not be torture.

New universal bottle cage, Velocite Alet

Velocite Alet bottle cage
Velocite Alet bottle cage, 15.5g steel reinforced universal bottle holder

Steel wire reinforced, universal water bottle cage, on or off-road, 15.5g.

This is the new (for us) water bottle cage that we will release shortly. It is currently in testing and it is doing very well. Notable features:

  • It can accommodate various diameter water bottles
  • rubber gripper is removable so the amount of force/friction needed to remove, or insert the bottle can be tuned
  • cage substructure is stainless steel wire allowing the use of high tensile strength carbon fiber for excellent elasticity, and yet very firm grip
  • actual 15.5g weight with rubber stopper, 13g without

Price: $49.00

Velocite Alet bottle cage
Velocite Alet bottle cage

  • Loving the look of the bottle cages! The rims look pretty good too. Do you have any plans to bring out some colour options on the hubs, a blue red or gold would be nice?

    Weight wise I think you're right, they're touch lighter than the IRD Cadence Aero rims which were the current lightest 30mm rims. Still a little heavier than the Stan's ZTR Alpha rims but they're not 30mm rims so I don't know whether the comparison is fair.

  • …yea, didn't you hear? Black is the new…black 🙂 Will add colours over time once our product range and pipeline stabilizes so that we can ramp up production of core products.

  • That rim (and the subsequent wheelset) is a very good "weapon" for everybody because that kind of rim (material and profile) is (from my opinion) one of the most versatile for training and even for training as it behaves quite good in almost every circumstances.

  • Indeed, the rim can be used to make the lightest 30mm alloy wheelsets in the world, as well as serve as a very strong rim for making nice to ride, reliable training wheels. Additionally, and this is a pre-announcement of sorts, the same technological refinements that went into the development of the Tenax rim have been applied to our new 25mm (thus UCI compliant by default)carbon/alloy rim, which is even lighter, but a lot stiffer thanks to the carbon layer. The carbon/alloy wheel set is now starting live testing with a local pro rider who likes destroying wheels. If they survive, we will make an initial production run of several sets for wider product live testing.

  • James Estelle


    Have you considered having this rim built in a wider version like the HED C2 profile that seems to be all the rage these days?  The rolling resistance reduction and ride quality improvements seem to be justified esp. when paired with 25c tires that I know you like.

  • Yes…was thinking about it a fair bit. I also have a rim profile in mind that should work well, and would also work as a 29er rim (same size you see). Before we open a die I want GLM (and us) to finalize the development of some more technology that will make the wide rim even better.

  • Neil Crawford

    Any news on the new stem you were developing a while back?

  • Indeed there are…but I cannot share the info yet. We are about to open the first mold, for 110mm length. This will be the stiffest stem in the world and will not weigh a ton. It will also be priced high, but this is due to the use of boron, not gimmicks and stickers.

  • Neil Crawford

    I found this quite an interesting read and that some of pro teams go for super stiff rear hangers.  I was wondering if you’ve looked into anything similar for Velocite frames?  I find I usually have to retune my sram force rear derailleur after each race I compete in.

    • Yes I saw that. Pros can afford to replace frames since teams pay for them and a chance of a broken frame is no big deal in fully supported races. We went as strong as is prudent with the Magnus,  Helios Aero and Flux hangers. These hangers are extremely stiff, but will still protect your frame in case of a crash.

      I do not think that anyone else uses chainring bolts to attach the hanger to their frames 🙂