Velocite – New Website Experience Nearly Here

2011 is a very important year for Velocite, we introduced our defining range of frames and bikes, attended our first ever trade show, grew as a company and as a brand, and received two business awards (one to be announced).

In the back end we hired more staff, opened a retail outlet and are transitioning to a new, powerful ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform to help us grow faster and manage the complexities of running a complex manufacturing, distribution, design and marketing business, which is what we are.

And as you know from my writing style, the last thing I mention is always the highlight Smile

And here it is, the new Velocite corporate website, direct distribution hub and localized online shop is nearly ready.

I will write more about it when we launch it, so now I will only share some screen shots and a few words about some of the nearly finished pages. We are hoping to have a fully operational new website by the end of the month.

Geos - Ride Velocite, feel invincible - Velocite Bikes














Magnus -- Magnus 1.0 - Ride Velocite, feel invincible - Velocite Bikes_1302655139026Technology -- Carbon Fiber - Ride Velocite, feel invincible - Velocite Bikes_1302655169706
Product detail page (Velocite Magnus) showing a brief description, feature list, and more information in tabs (geometry, technologies, etc.).

Next to it is one of our technology pages. In this case the nearly finished “Carbon Fiber” page as it relates to us and the bicycle industry as a whole. The technology section is very important to us and will, in my view finally communicate the factually correct information about carbon fiber, bicycle physics and frame design. It will also be (as far as I know) the only fully referenced and as far as possible, peer reviewed technology content written by a bicycle brand. It will also explain why our products look and ride like they do, and why Velocite frames are intrinsically very special (in a good way) and just about unique.

Teams - Ride Velocite, feel invincible - Velocite Bikes_1302655185100

Our new team pages will get a facelift and will be easier to update and maintain. With our increasing profile, very large and increasing number of sponsored athletes and their development as sportsmen and women, we will need to make it easier to show their achievements and product feedback.