First 2011 stock arrives

..not it is not the frames Smile

Velocite Elemental front derailleur clamps arrived today. They are a small item, and not so rare any more, but ours is made to the highest standard:

Material: 100% UD carbon fiber, matte finish
Size: 34.9mm ID
Weight: 6.5g


The Velocite Elemental is the only UD carbon clamp with matte finish. We of course specified it like this so it suits our own frames perfectly, but it will nevertheless make a very valuable contribution to any carbon frame, and even alloy frame where you do not want to risk damaging the paint work.

The wide band and low clamping torque will protect the frame from crush damage.

I also know that our full carbon clamp is very strong and reliable since it has been in live testing for over 8 months across all continents without a single report of damage.

You can buy this clamp now from the Velocite Online Shop. Our distributors will have it in stock in the near future.