Velocite Bikes Wins National Entrepreneurship Award


Velocite has been awarded with one of ten national entrepreneurship awards, presented by the Premier of Taiwan, Mr Wu during a public event held on the 4th of December in Taipei

Premier of Taiwan Mr Wu with Jessica Major GM Velocite

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan December 5, 2010 – The premier of the Republic of China, Mr Wu, presented the national entrepreneurship award to Jessica Major, General Manager of Velocite, during a ceremony held in Taipei on the 4th of December.

Velocite was selected by the Council of Labour Affairs as one of ten winners from 80 eligible applicants to receive the entrepreneurship award. The selection criteria included the success of market entry strategies, sales performance, and ability to create value for the economy.

“We are extremely happy to have been selected as recipients of the entrepreneurship award”, said Victor Major, CEO and Jessica Major, General Manager of Velocite Tech Co Ltd.

“Launching a new bicycle company in late 2009 during an economic downturn was seen as a risky move, but we not only launched, we managed to prosper. I believe that this is due to our uncompromising approach to product development and design, focusing purely on the high performance market niche.”, said Mr Major.

Velocite’s successful market entry was assisted by developing a sizable customer base in a very short time, driven by a well received Velocite Sponsorship Program for amateur and semi-professional cyclists.

“We could not have done as well as we have without extensive help and support from our excellent team who work tirelessly to deliver on our business objectives. We would also like to thank our suppliers and manufacturing partners for their support and belief in us and our business.”, added Mr Major.

Velocite is now focusing on achieving greater market penetration in 2011, driven by a trio of brand new high performance carbon frames, Velocite Helios Aero, Velocite Magnus and Velocite Geos. These new products will further increase Velocite’s profile and highlight the brand’s focus on high performance.

About Velocite Tech Co Ltd.

Launched in 2009, Velocite is firmly dedicated to making high performance bicycles, bicycle frames, wheels and components. Velocite is a company focused on achieving engineering excellence where the first and foremost priority is to apply the relevant engineering and scientific principles when developing new products in order to deliver the best riding experience. Additionally, the company is also committed to grass-roots cyclist development and has since 2009 run a sponsorship program for amateur cyclists worldwide.

Comprehensive information about Velocite, Velocite Sponsorship Program and the complete Velocite product range is available at