Velocite Magnus Review – Extra Speed for Free

I never thought I would utter the words……… ‘It’s better then my Trek Madone 6.9!’. I received my Magnus frameset about six weeks ago, and on first inspection it was better than the reviews had said. The matt finish, the red decals and the stiffness! All incredible!

The frameset has been built up with Shimano DA 7800 group set, Velocite Licos handlebars, a Velocite seat post and FSA BB30 Cranks, and an Edge 50mm wheel set. The whole bike tops the scales at a mere 6.85kgs.

The signature characteristic of the Magnus is its stiffness, unfortunately the roads of Northern Ireland are not smooth and rolling like that of the French Alps, they are twisty, rough and choppy, often peppered with potholes and drain covers; I must admit, I approached the maiden voyage of the bike with some dread.

My fears were unfounded and I instantly had a smile on my face, I’m sure you know the feeling of a new bike; it feels strange, unfamiliar and you aren’t sure how it will perform. The Magnus was not the case; it had the immediate familiarity of a trusty training bike, it was positive into corners, steady going down hill and on the flat the stiffness really told, it takes off like a rocket!

‘Extra speed for free!’ is how I would sum up the performance of the bike; yes it is stiff, but not so stiff that it’s uncomfortable. If I can say that after 75 miles on Northern Irish rural roads; it is testament to the frame design.

I may sound gushing about this frameset, but it is truly based on performance and hard data. I said at the start I never thought I would utter the words about my Trek, which is a truly magnificent bike; and one I thought I genuinely would never surpass. The Magnus for me picks up, were the Trek can’t follow…………..

I’m sure we all have a climb that we train on and measure our fitness against. My climb is a 2.1 mile brute, it averages 9% gradient, and I have never broken 6min 15secs on it, even using my Trek.

Until…….I rode it on the Magnus, 6min 02secs and a new PB!

Fluke I hear you say, no, I followed it up with a 5.59 and 5.57 on consecutive days! This is where the Magnus really stands out for me; in the mountains. It graces my training hill with ease, it feels lithe, light and nimble and it accelerates like you are a seasoned pro and it looks angry doing it.

If you want to stand out in the peleton, not just for a stunning looking bike, but for effortless performance, and free speed; this is one frame set you need to consider!

“Long live the Magnus, my Trek is dead”

P.S. Trek for sale, one careful owner

Phil D

November 2010