Helios Aero Geometry Data

Today we finalized the Helios Aero geometry data for all sizes. The head tube height was the last element that we had to confirm. The intent is to minimize the use of spacers while allowing a sufficiently low front end to maximize the aero benefits.


Size Small Medium Large X Large
SA – Seat Tube Angle 74° 74° 73° 73°
HA – Head Tube Angle 72° 73° 73° 73°
ST – Seat Tube Length 540mm 560mm 580mm 600mm
BD – BB Drop 68mm 69mm 69mm 69mm
TT – Top Tube Length 525mm 543mm 565mm 580mm
HT – Head Tube Length 120mm 140mm 165mm 185mm
SC – Stack 519mm 542mm 565mm 585mm
RA – Reach 375mm 389mm 394mm 401mm
RC – Chain Stay Length 401mm 401mm 401mm 401mm
WB – Wheelbase 961mm 975mm 989mm 999mm