• Looks awesome, well done!

  • Anonymous

    Is that the color scheme? Gold pinstripe would be a bit more unique.

  • Thanks Neil!

    @anon. Yes the Gold Pin was my favourite, but we chose to not be too far out on the fringe since our target are the buyers considering the Cervelo S3, Felt AR and the Scott FO1 which are pretty 'tame' design wise. Also since we do not use any cosmetic top layers and the frame is matte finished, the UD carbon layup will be visible and will add its own special touches that will set the Helios Aero apart from the rest.

  • Beautifull. It will look good with some white.

  • Steve Evans

    This looks great, and I officially want one.

  • Great, awesome, incredible, pretty… but it has been even more with the Aero Gold Pin scheme.

    At least from the point of view of a non Cérvelo/Felt/Scott abducted boy 😀

    As I've written in other comments, I prefer much more "the blackest the better" designs and, so, the Gold Pin one seemed incredibly clean and austere for me… but, without any doubt, I'll also love the Helios Aero with this scheme because it's also "nearly perfect" 😀

    Jejeje, it's more or less like a "99 over 100" color scheme and a "100 over 100" one so… both of them are incredibly good (even better if hey are matte finished) 😀

    Looking forward to see it in the real world 😀

  • Anonymous

    Awesome bike! Can't wait for more sizes.

  • The visible carbon and a matte finish is a very smart move. Not many companies do it, and it saves weight.

  • ian

    hope driving the bike is as good as it looks longtime since we have seen a bike so beautiful and awesome finish materiel evrything

  • One more to be added to the "mat finish lovers" band

  • was thinking about the di2 battery mount, wouldn´t it be possible to have a little hole in the top of the seatpost? i know that shimano has a kit that they have developed with the haighroad team, and that di2 wire kit has the battery mounted under the saddle. would it be possible to use that sulution on this frame and seatpost?

  • Yes, we will figure this out. Nicolas managedto stuff a custom battery into the frame itself. Not sure if we can adopt this approach to production models though. "Hiding" the battery is actually quite tricky…