Team wear live testing v2.0

Following the first iteration of the team wear in June we went ahead and got pre-production samples to make the small improvements from nice team wear to one that we, and hopefully you, will love and want to wear as often as possible. We have tested the pre-production samples since and production is finally underway and soon to be completed!

Those of you who read about the first version may remember that we went with a black and white colour scheme, to offer choice. It turned out that the white bibs were not to our liking, so we decided to produce the following:

  • Black and white jerseys, wind vests, and arm warmers;
  • Black bibs and leg warmers, and;
  • White tri tops

Here is how the changes turned out:


Wind vest

We liked the first version of the wind vest a lot already, and only made some small changes to make it even more to our liking: the material is slightly stretchy and wind proof, and the asymmetric zipper now reaches further up the neck and ends off center, to avoid chafing on the chin. The collar also got a nice lapel behind the zipper to further protect your neck from rubbing. Lastly, the production version will have two very discrete reflective tabs on the sides of the pockets for increased road safety.






The jersey was already very nice last time, so all we did was tidy up some of the details. First we made the cut a bit more race like to satisfy your need for speed. We retained the nice elements of the hidden pocket and silicon grippers, as well as the full length zip. The design is a bit more colorful, with, but with fewer strips on the arms and the bottom of the jersey. We hope you like it:







Bib shorts

On the bib shorts we went for very understated design in black, and changed the cut to an 8 panel layout. We retained the very nice chamois, MP3 player pocket, cable guide loops, and silicon leg grippers, and also included small road safety reflective tabs. I have personally tested the bibs on a number of long rides, and was very happy with the comfort. On the production run small details are being optimized, including the logo placement and the width and appearance of the white leg grippers.





Arm and leg warmers

The arm and leg warmers have also come out nicely: the Roubaix material is nice and soft and warm, just what you need on those spring and autumn days. Both have some very well gripping silicon grippers which make sure that they don’t slip. Nothing is more annoying when your leg warmers slip down during a ride, after all. On the leg warmers, you can also see the zippers we put on the back to make entry and exit easier – very handy.








The clothing is being produced as we speak and will be in stock around the end of the month / beginning of September, finally! If you haven’t secured your set and are interested, be sure to leave us a message.

Ride safely,


PS: I haven’t taken pics of the tri top but will add them soon.

  • Looks very good. Excellent work Nicolas!

  • Yeeeeehaaaaa!!! Hope to show it off soon!!!

  • Morath

    Ummm, just a question… he logo in the black jersey is white as in the wind vest or red as in the white jersey?

    And, of course, as Victor says… GREAT WORK!!!

  • Nicolas

    The logo is light blue, like on the wind vest 🙂

  • I was doubting if it was white and the blue was an effect of the photos but it's not.
    OKs, perfect!!!

  • Looks great.I like that the collars are in the opposite color. The details that were added makes it very practical. You can see it has been tested and improved.

  • The kit looks nice. The "mate" black bib is super nice and the black and white theme is coming back strongly in the peloton (saxobank, mellow johnys, etc). I will order a kit on my next order!!

  • the kit looks very nice. The mate black bib is super nice and the black and white theme is very actual. Will order a kit for sure on my next order

  • I can't help thinking that the leg warmers would look better (and be more practical) in white, with the arm warmers in white? The kit looks quality and very well thought out

  • when will this be for sale?

  • Roberto

    To Victor: this looks to be good product. May I make a suggestion? As cyclists sweat alot, cleaning of gear is a normal activity. As we know, washing can age products. Is there a way to start getting your test group of cyclists to start counting the washings they put the geat through? Maybe the gear will withstand a high number of washings before it frays (or maybe it will never fray) or fades. Perhaps you can use product life against washing cycles as a way to differentiate your product in this highly competitive category of sports gear. Just a suggestion. Robert Harris (the American from AGSM 2000 class [email protected])

  • Nicolas

    To all – thanks for the comments.

    @Matt: the reason we didn't go with white leg warmers is that they get dirty very quickly, and it makes your legs look a bit like tree trunks 😉

    @Jens: should be ready beginning of Sept

    @Roberto: I have put the clothes through a good number of washes and no noticeable wear so far. Best is to wash them at 40 or even 30 degrees and to hang them to dry. It's difficult to be precise about how many washes are possible before fraying, because the quality of your washing machine, the powder, what you wash it with, etc, all influence the result.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like great gear. Cannot wait for everything to arrive!