Velocite Water Bottle – production proof just arrived

The production proof sample just arrived and it looks great. Truly πŸ™‚

The design is clever and minimalistic, materials are great and the size is just about perfect. The bottle can be topped up to its maximum 700ml capacity, but it is not too long to fit inside smaller frames.

It is entirely made in Taiwan and as mentioned before, it has an FDA (US government Food and Drugs Administration) β€œFood safe container” certification.

The bottle should be in stock by the end of August.


velocite water bottle 022 velocite water bottle 024

  • will there be any 500 ml bottles?

  • Possibly in the future so that it can be used in different situations.

  • on some training, 1 L total is the best, then a smaller water bottle is to prefer.

  • and when will there be clothes? :D:D

  • Probably, the "500 ml mark" is just when the bottle has starts its narrowness, the rough part (the beginning of it, the down part of it).

    I've got a couple of bottles with that shape and some others of 500 ml with the same one and I've measured that point to use it when I prepare isotonic drinks (usually the proportions are indicated for 500 ml or, also, when I use an individual sachet).