First Geos bike build photos

Mitch from Tokyo just sent me some photos of his Geos prototype frame that he built using some Velocite components (SCS saddle, TLS31 seatpost and our 2009 Velocite Noir UL tubular wheel prototypes), and Campagnolo SR11.

The total weight including pedals was 6.6 kg for size L.

I think the bike looks very good! I was of course hoping that it will look good, but due to its compact front triangle it was not easy to visualize the final appearance.


I will soon have some riding and performance feedback, and more photos as other Geos test bikes get built.

  • Speaking about the bike has no sense because it speaks by herself 🙂
    Really great the (almost) full black Velocite collection.

    Curious for me is the use of the bottle cages because it seems not so usual to have the liquid bottle in the vertical one and the spare parts in the diagonal one.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Morath,
    Yes, I usually put the toolbox in the vertical cage. When I went out with the new bottle yesterday, I found that the new bottle from POLAR which is longer than the previous one did not fit firm in the cage, in addition the loop handle hits my knee. That's why I temporarily switched the positions. Mitch from Tokyo