Adding another (small) piece to the puzzle: Velocite water bottles

Victor already hinted at it a while back, and now we have the something to share: a mock up of our water bottles. It is a small piece of the puzzle, but good water bottles are important to a good ride.

A while back we started looking at some high quality water bottles that work well with our bottle cages. We tested a number of different sizes, from small (about 500cc or half a liter) to almost a liter. We wanted to have a large bottle size to give people sufficient reserves on long rides, whilst making sure they fit in all frame sizes without problems. The model we chose has at least 700cc capacity, if you fill it to the rim even a bit more.

Secondly we wanted a scratch proof material that looks good for a long time, even with the constant abuse of being ripped out of bottle cages repeatedly. Because of that we went for high spec LDPE material, which has just the right ‘squeeziness’ and is pretty scratch proof.

Lastly we wanted that your drinks don’t get too hot, and that bottle looks good. We chose a silver bottle design with white cap and red nozzle, which fits the large Velocite logo and the smaller writing well. Needless to say that the opening is wide so you can easily mix your favorite sports drink.

That’s a lot of writing without any pictures, so here they are:

CSB-525 velocite(v4)

Soon you will be able to order your Velocite water bottles to complement the beautiful Ethereal bottle cages – don’t forget to check in our online shop!

Ride safely,