Velocite team riders gunning hard

A little round up of race activities these last weeks: Velocite teams and riders have been active all over the globe, but with particular focus on Spain.

Reitze Bok competed in the para cycling World Cup race in Segovia, where he took part in the road race and time trial. Unfortunately he was still a little weakened by a flu he had contracted just prior to a race in Switzerland. Here is what he had to say:

Still feeling the side effects from the flue. The road race was heavy, with a lot of rain. The TT was much better. When I’m good I can push to go over the 40K in the hour.

The results have him in 49th in the road race and 22nd in the time trial …and all this without his MONC50 wheels that he didn’t have time to pick up before these races. A good recovery to Reitze and all the best for the national team selections!


In the area around Madrid, team rider Rodrigo Borrego has been kicking butt and taking names lately. First he did what Brownlee did among the pros and took a great victory at the Dextro Energy Triathlon in Madrid. And we are not talking about an age group win only, but an overall win. Awesome!

Here is his story:

One of the Dextro Energy Triatlon Series of the ITU World Championship took place in Spain on the weekend of 5 and 6 June.

The Age Group World Triathlon Championship qualifier (it was also a Spanish Triathlon Championship qualifier) was scheduled for Saturday 5th and there I was , looking for the qualification for the Spanish Triathlon Championship.

We were going to start at 8:30 but it was a very hot week so the temperature was nearly perfect for me: quite hot and warm water (we swam in a lake). My problem was my allergy because we are having a bad season in Spain and the place (Casa de Campo) is full of vegetation. On top of that I had been two months with zero bike training.

However and ironically, everything was better than I could have dreamed: a quite good swim left me at about the 15th position. A strong bike start got me into the lead group in the second lap (four laps with a 3 kms climb). After that, and knowing that I have a strong run, I paid attention to all possible movements in the group so that I could start to run in a good position.

The 10 km run was quite hard and I needed half of them to start to run fluently because I was quite tired because of the hard bike, but I saw that I was making a good gap so I didn’t have to force myself at 100%.

Finally, I crossed the line in first place of my age group (men’s 30-34 Male) and after all races, I could see that I was first overall. I was really surprised because I went in without much confidence because of my knee problems but I had a bit of luck and everything went OK and I got not only the qualification for the Spanish Championship but also for the World Championship in Budapest!

The knee is not 100% recovered but after this test, I think I can go back to racing so I hope I can tell you more reports during this season.

20100606 - TRI Madrid - 7 - Podio 30-34M

…and Rodrigo brought more good news after this, this Sunday:

Today, Half Marathon debut… not prepared, no references, “just a training” trying to have a constant rhythm… and bingo! 1st, with 1:14:56 😀

Well done Rodrigo!


Elsewhere in Spain CAD KM69, our team in Spain, continues its good run in gran fondo racing:

The team participated in V Marcha Iñigo Cuesta. Iñigo Cuesta is one the most veteran pro riders in the bunch; he is about to be 40 years old and has been competed during the last 14 years. Now he is riding for Cervelo Test Team with capitans as Carlos Sastre and Thor Hushovd.

The race, 152 kms length had 4 climbs, one 2nd category, Matanela and three 1st category climbs: Braguía, Caracol and superb and impressive Lunada. Almost 3000 m ascent.

Seven riders from Valtra-Velocite team departed among the 400 people bunch with the presence of Iñigo Cuesta and David Lopez, another excellent pro climber from Caisse D’Epargne team, who rode with all the participants until the last climb, where they fly away ahead of the small bunch.

Agustin Alonso, riding a NIOC32 wheelset, from Valtra-Velocite team finished second in 4:50:00, two minutes later than winner De La Peña. Six of the seven riders got finished among the top 100, some of them enjoying the comfort, safety and speed of MONC50 their wheelsets, an "insurance wheel" for the long descents, where we reached up to 80 km/h.

velocite_cuesta velocite_cuesta2


Well done to everyone again!