Velocite bikes updates

It’s been a month or so since the previous “state of the union”  type post updating everyone on the general Velocite business side of things. Many things have progressed since then that I will try to summarize here.


Product availability update

New batch of Velocite Magnus frames has arrived and the Magnus is now finally back in stock after about 2 months of being sold out.

Velocite Noir wheels were also just delivered and were met with exceptional demand which means that we are about to run out of some sizes…7 days after the wheels became available. The good news is that the following batches will be made quicker thus even if we do run out of stock prematurely, the wait will not be nearly as long as before. We will have the high quality studio photos soon.


New component suppliers


SRAM Force has arrived! The revised 2010 version is excellent and from our point of view, the components are very well packed making the assembly very simple. We will be building a demonstration  Magnus Force bike for testing and reviews.



Edge Composites have agreed to supply us with the arguably highest regarded fork in the market now, the Edge Road fork. We will be taking the Edge Road Tapered 1.5” fork for use with the Selene frame and for the upcoming Geos, as an option. This fork does carry a price premium, but it presents an excellent high performance and lightweight alternative. Its established high performance credentials are also going to be well matched with the Selene and will make the Geos package even more appealing. We are out of stock of the Velocite Bora fork and will not have the updated Bora S fork available for a few months.

Alligator cables have come on board with their products, with the i-Link being particularly interesting, again for the Geos, but also for our other frames where weight saving (and bling) are a priority.

Check out our updated “About us” page for a full list of our key component partners.


New product development

The first Velocite Geos prototype frames have been delivered to the testers so before the end of the month we should start getting some initial performance feedback. The final batches of the test frames will be delivered to us next week.

With the Geos, the new Unity and Elemental seat post and FD clamps will also be tested. I am hoping that they will pass the live testing.

Our full carbon stem project has resumed with Scott now driving this project. His engineering knowledge has already delivered some key changes to the design direction with the aim to completely dominate the market in the stiffness parameters.

The new Velocite riding and triathlon team kit is now under development with Nicolas doing a great job in specifying the design and features. Nicolas will also drive the live testing program for the clothing to ensure that we deliver the best possible products.

Nicolas is also managing the production of our new water bottles – even they are not just randomly selected 🙂 We are focusing on ease of use, durability and aesthetics. The testing will also ensure that the water bottles work very well with our Ethereal bottle cages.

Last but not least is our aero road frame. The design is near the final stage before we head into the mold production. I cannot say anything more about it until the mold is made, but it will be a true aero road frame and it will retain a high degree of lateral stiffness. If we manage to include all the features that we want and achieve the stiffness targets, our new aero frame will be a premium road frame without any true competitors in the market. This is not a boast 🙂