New developments – Team wear live testing

We are working hard every day to create the best products we can, with a keen eye for details.

One piece of the puzzle that was missing was our team wear. You may have seen pictures of our jersey previously. This was a first version, and it was good, but not up to the standards we would like it to be. So instead of going the easy route and getting generic team wear, we are spending time with our team wear partners to develop a line of highly functional and high quality bike clothing to complement your Velocite. Because you have to look good when you ride an awesome bike :-).

We want to share with you some pictures of our live testing designs. This is version 0.1 – so it is not perfect yet, but a work in progress. We are confident about our development process, so we are happy to show you the current status with the small imperfections that we are working to resolve.


Color scheme

We think your bike clothing should not detract from the looks of your bike, but rather complement them. So we have gone for very understated looks in black and in white. The nice thing will be that you can wear any combination and it will look good – black bibs, black shirt, black bibs, white shirt, etc. Only the wind vest and leg warmers will likely come in black only (unless you ask otherwise), since white would get dirty too quickly.

Team wear 001Team wear 003Team wear 029Team wear 031


Bib shorts

For our bib shorts we have chosen the highest spec gel chamois – we are currently testing two different models and are very happy with the performance. They are worthy of a high quality bib short. For good fit we have included silicon grippers on the leg, and a low cut at the front of the bib for eventual toilet breaks. We have chosen white netting for the bib so that it doesn’t show up when you wear a white jersey.

A nice detail is the radio / MP3 pocket on the back of the bib. The  things we are refining are the materials, the stripes around the legs, the cable routing from the radio pocket, and we will add a small reflective tab for road safety.

Team wear 015 Team wear 010

sitting pad for the white bibshort sitting pad for black bib short



The jerseys are already very nice. The material is good, the silicon grippers do their job, and there is an awesome hidden pocket for coins, keys, and phones. We are still refining the design a little bit (stripes at the bottom), making all back pockets colored, and will make the cut more race like – no flapping in the breeze, please!

Team wear 021 Team wear 037


Wind vests

The wind vests are a simple and nice design. We are testing a slightly heavier windproof micro twill, which feels very nice, but may go for something even lighter for minimum packing size. We have chosen to go for an asymmetric zipper at the front that will allow us to make a high closing collar that doesn’t chafe your chin. The zipper positioning is going to be optimized a bit.

Team wear 061 Team wear 060


Arm and leg warmers

We will include Roubaix arm and leg warmers in our line up. The samples are not that good in terms of material and cut yet, but the mistakes have been ironed out. On the leg warmers the writing will become smaller and you will get zippers for easy entry.

Team wear 075 Team wear 068


Tri shorts and top

We have gone experimental with  a white tri short. Unfortunately the material needs to be too thick to avoid it becoming transparent, so we will go for a darker color. The top looks good, but we are making the material lighter and more airy so that you can perform your best on race day.

 Team wear 058Team wear 046Team wear 047Team wear 048

We hope you enjoy this little summary of our clothing development. Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions you may have.

Keep your eyes peeled – we are working hard to have the full line up ready soon.


Ride safe,