Geos live testing program update – prototype purchases ended

Just a quick note to let you know that the Geos safe to ride prototype testing has entered the next stage. There will be no more test prototypes commissioned.  The current batch of safe to ride prototypes will be developed and fine tuned, and each prototype will be tested by actual riders during casual riding and even racing.

This live testing along with the lab test data should give us excellent information on how to deliver on the promise of creating the best performing ultra light frame.

I am also proud to say that our development cycle for this particular frame is a very long one – in total I expect it to take about 12 months. The resulting final product should be spectacular.

  • No doubt about the last sentence: "…The resulting final product should be spectacular…".

  • Exciting times! Will the BB be standard or BB30? I can't remember.

  • Well with the amount of effort we are putting into this frame, the result ought to be excellent. We have top level engineers working on it, using best materials and manufacturing process, and almost uniquely we have a team of testers from various backgrounds actually riding the prototypes…and none of them are on our payroll so I doubt they will hold back in case there is something that needs to be fixed 🙂

    BB will be standard BSA/ISO.