Velocite Selene – studio photos bike build

I took the studio photo bike (Velocite Selene Competitor+) outside for a quick photo session. This build is a bit less austere or classical than my own Selene Entrant bike. The Competitor+ is more of a bruiser – criterium race rocket actually.

The build is a customized standard Competitor build (ie. Shimano Ultegra and extras), except for the TRP R950W carbon brakes, Velocite TLC31 seatpost, FSA SL-K stem, Velocite MONC50 wheelset and Vittoria Diamante Pro tires. I have not priced this build but even with the expensive wheels it should come in at around USD 2100 or just a bit above.

We’ll try to get this bike off to the studio tomorrow…and please tell me if you spot any build mistakes or oddities before we proceed with the studio session. I already noticed that the front wheel was on backward (can tell by the QR lever position).


Ironically, even though the Selene frame just arrived, it will be the first complete bike to get the photo studio treatment for a simple reason that we have enough stock 🙂

  • Looking very nice. Just make sure you dust off the tires so they have that nice clean look. I couldn't figure out what the orange bit on the front derailleur was either. Other than that it looks good to go to me.

  • Haha…ah thank you for the "orange bit" 🙂 That is the Shimano FD adjustment guide….let me rip it off now so I do not I forget…OK done.

    We will wipe the entire bike down for the photo shoot – under studio lighting every speck of dust lights up like a diamond so we must get everything as dust free as possible.

  • anthony

    1. it looks like there's a protective decal on the right crankarm that's peeling off
    2. i think people usually shift to the big chainring little cog
    3. the front right brifter look like it is tilted down instead of flat/parallel to the ground–might just be camera angle though
    4. might be interesting to try with black saddle/calipers.. not sure (: I will know for sure when it arrives!!

  • @anthony

    1. Yes, will come off before shooting
    2. Good tip
    3. Maybe, will check and make sure they are parallel.
    4. Lol 🙂 (black will look good on your build due to decal-free wheels)

  • Few more to add to that list but one vote more for changing always to the big chainring (53×12) for photos (black color too, but if you have tested, white is OK :-D))

    And I'd add, trying to keep out one (even the two) spacer. With them and 2-3 cms., it seems like a provisional build.

    Regarding pedals, I'm not sure if it's better with them of wihout them.

  • @Morath

    Chain in big ring. Will be done.

    White will look nice when properly lit…outdoor lighting is tricky and convincing my camera to expose the bike evenly is very difficult.

    Regarding spacers…actually this is close to the recommended/allowed maximum of 40mm total above the top of the head tube. The stack height in the photo is exactly 35.7mm

    To achieve more rise, flipping the stem is the recommended way…but for photos stem in the drop position looks better.

    Pedals…yea, I think I will keep them on since I always find it odd to see bike photos without pedals. Brands leave them out of the photos to avoid the hassle of explaining to customers that the bike does NOT come with pedals as standard regardless of what is shown in the photo 🙂

  • Nicolas

    …I would also take out the spacers and photoshop the remaining steerer tube out. That will make it look even cleaner.

    Also agree on the right hood pointing down.

    Oh, the logo on the front tire is not aligned with the valve, I just noticed.


    All the rules required for making yourself and bike look euro cool… It's good for a laugh.

    I'd stick on some white bar tape so the brakes, bars and saddle all match! But that's just me.

  • Lol 🙂

    white bar tape…mabee…

    … I'll also take some inspiration from Euro (by name at least) brands.

  • Ufff, Neil, I knew I don't accomplish with some cycling etiquette rules, but I didn't knew that they were written in "black & white" somewhere… uffff, I'm really smashed

    However, I think I compensate some of them keeping almost all the triathlon rules that complement those ones and are in many cases even more "restrictive" so "one for another" 🙂

    Jejejej, thanks for the post!