Velocite Magnus after 2 weeks, Taiwan North Coast Race Report

I’ve been riding my Magnus for a little over 2 weeks and have some initial impressions. First off, I built it up with SRAM Force, the Stronglight compact crank, Velocite MONC50 wheels, and Velocite LICOS bars. The weight came in at 7.5kg with pedals. The bike is everything Victor says it is. I immediately noticed a big difference from my titanium road bike. The weights are similar, but the stiffness of the Magnus is incredible. It makes you want to get out of the saddle and accelerate-up hill, on the flats, racing against scooters, there’s always an excuse. The aerodynamic wheels are also noticeable, in a group ride the bike holds momentum very well and makes closing gaps easier. After a few more weeks I’ll give a more thorough report.



The first race of the season was March 27 and 28.

Saturday, 9 man time trial, 30k flat.

The Magnus isn’t a time trial bike, but it does allow an aerodynamic position in the drops. I was attempting to save energy for the road race on Sunday, but the team still managed a respectable 17th of 47 teams. The compact LICOS bars are very comfortable and made it easy to stay in the drops.

Sunday, 55k road race, 48k flat followed by a 7km climb that ascends 350m.

It was a windy day along the coast, so no breakaways were able to stay away. I stayed in the middle of the pack until the turnaround point and then started working my way towards the front. I was leading the pack about 2km from the turnoff to the hill, but decided to drop back and conserve some energy. The start of the hill is quite steep, close to 15% for a kilometer followed by a false flat and then another steep section at the finish. I managed to stay with the leaders on the first steep section, but they slowly pulled away as we neared the finish. I finished 6th of ~300 riders about 40 seconds back. The Magnus performed admirably, it was just my fitness holding me back.