Unique Magnus frame for sale!!

Hello everyone,

I’d like to sell my Prototype Magnus frame. This size was made in only one item and nobody have Magnus in that size.

Frame is used but it’s in very good shape, have only few scratches on head tube where the housing is and little scratch on chainstay.

If we talk about quality of frame..It’s superior, very stiff (little stiffer than "in stock" Magnus) and fast also light (1130 grams with FSA BB adapter and seat clamp), fork weights around 420g cut, and its steer tube is 210mm long. Fork is almost 50% stiffer than "normal" Bora fork (ask Victor), so it will be good for aggressive riders.
If you’d like to know more about Magnus check the website.

Set include: Magnus Proto Frame and Bora Proto fork,FSA Carbon headset and FSA Compressor, FSA B3119 Bottom Bracket adapter (converts BB30 to BSA/ISO), Velocite Anchor seat clamp. I should add unique Velocite seatpost with 35mm setback, whose weight is 150g cut to 25 cm!!

Frame size:

Seat Tube (C-T): 56cm

Top Tube (horizontal): 55,5cm

Top Tube (C-T): 54,4cm

Head Tube: 150mm

Chainstays: 405mm

Head Angle: 73.5 degrees

Seat Angle: 73.5 degrees

REACH: around 388-392 mm

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/104421027294207755400/Magnus

This frame have only one fault (it is a prototype): you can only insert 130mm of seatpost into the seat tube, I don’t know why, this issue is from when I received frame.

I am selling my Magnus prototype since I want to get the new Velocite Geos prototype frame.

If you are interested my unique Magnus, or if you have any question write an e-mail: [email protected]



Bart from Poland