Alishan – the geat climb adventure


Well tomorrow, as alluded a few months ago, is the day when I take the Velocite Voyager to the next epic ride in Taiwan – climbing Mt Ali (Alishan) in central Taiwan.

The climb will be up a new road that was recently opened to light traffic – so I was told anyway.l And I think it will be awesome!

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The highest point shown above is at 2800m or so. The ride will take two days and we will sleep over at 1200m then continue to the road summit the following day.

This sounds harsh and I am sure it will be rather humbling. I am anticipating over 3500m of climbing in 2 days.

Of course once we reach the summit, we need to descend. This is one of the reasons why I am taking the Voyager instead of the Millennium. Millennium would be a whole lot more fun, but the mere thought of coming back down with just my road brakes to keep my total 140kg+ weight under control makes me shudder. I built the Voyager with hydraulic disc brakes 🙂

This time around I am also a bit more cautious with what I pack. On the previous trip down the East Coast of Taiwan, I traveled very light which made for awesome riding, but was cold and miserable for about three days which was not so nice. This trip up Alishan will be difficult to anticipate since we will be climbing from subtropical climate up into the coniferous forest alpine climate and likely even above the tree line. Thus I packed a lot more heavy duty winter gear this time…just in case.

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