The Velocite Magnus review – my first 650km on this magnificent bicycle.

First of all let me lay down a bit of background. This is my first carbon frame. I have ridden roads bikes for about 5 years. I have always owned aluminum frames. I started riding in Kyushu, Japan. There are plenty of great climbs in Kyushu however I only rode once or twice a week and the rides were rather short compared to what I am doing these days. I consider myself a non-competitive cyclist however in the near future I think I will race.

This purchase for me has changed the way I view cycling. The first thing I noticed about the Magnus bike was the instant acceleration. Unlike my aluminum frames this bike transfers my power into forward motion with much more efficiency. The frame is extremely stiff. After all the reviews and research I did about carbon frames I was worried that this frame would not be comfortable. At speeds of 30km/hr to 38km/hr I have to say the bike rides like it is on rails. I ride in northern Taiwan and often the quality of the roads leaves a lot to be desired. The Magnus does not jar on the bumps. However at race speeds anything over 38km/hr I do feel the road in a way that I would not call jarring or bumpy – but be warned if you are cyclist thinking to make the move to carbon frame that is unique and performs: hold onto one of your alloy frames for rain and training especially on the longer rides – anything over five hours. The Magnus is a race bike so I have to accept I am now riding a completely new breed of bicycle. With that said – I absolutely love it. The climbs here in northern Taiwan can get rather steep and we often do 800-meter climbs up Yangmingshan for breakfast. I am a rather big guy at 90kg and as a 400-meter track sprinter in my university days I can produce a fair number watts in the power department.

On the Magnus I feel the bike is just begging me to feed it more. A quick word about the components – the Shimano Ultegra 6700 shifters are responsive, quick, and the hoods are really something else.

Some of the Pros I would like to point out:

Magnus Frame – stiff, instant acceleration, mesmerizing to look at – beyond eye candy, amazing down tube that turns heads while you take the lead.

Bora Fork – extremely light front end, intuitive turning and descending, absorbs more of the road than I thought it would, the only fork for the Magnus.

The experience – everything a race bike should be. The Magnus is unique and performs -an A-class top of line product. Within minutes during my test ride I was sold – it just felt right.

Some Cons I have noticed:

Because of the lay-up carbon design you might get asked what are those spots on your frame? A quick explanation would be polite, but if you are riding/racing – that would be an excellent clean break moment to drop ‘em. The machine is raw, real, and nothing but fast.

Nothing else to complain about – the bike is solid. Extremely happy with my Magnus.