Selene almost here – colour samples

Velocite Selene is now in the paint shop and will be finished this week.

We checked the colour and decal quality last week and I just received the physical colour samples.

I tried to take photos that capture the perfection of the colours that we are using, but like with Millennium that is also shot peened, for me it is impossible to take photos that do justice to the finish.

The problem is with lighting and with what shot peening does to the light. Due to its special nature – numerous smooth pits in the metal – the light bends (diffracts) around the surface of the tube making it really difficult for a single point of view to capture the beauty of it. It is like taking photos of a diamond or something else that alters the behaviour of light.

In words, the finish quality and the chosen paints are spectacular (literally 🙂 The shot peened surface delivers a similar finish to the one observed with metallic paints – with the additional already mentioned light trickery. The other benefit is that shot peening is an excellent way to enhance paint adhesion and durability.

The painting process itself did not cut any corners either, there are 4 coats of paint and 4 coats of clear coat for each of the two colours that we  are using.

Combined with the other excellent qualities of Selene’s design, I remain truly confident that this will be the definitive alloy road frame once it hits the market.

Here is my best photographic effort with the colour samples:

selene colour samples 007

  • Anthony

    awesome!! I can't wait

  • yes indeed, it is nearly here, after a long, long while.

    We could have sped-up the process, but it would have come at cost of decreased quality of the final product and that of course would not do.

  • Looks really nice! Will make for excellent training bikes!

  • …I am actually a little concerned since I think the Selene will end up looking too good for use as a simple trainer or a wet weather bike.

    I have not shared the paint scheme design yet, so you will see what I mean once the frames arrive and I can take some photos.

  • Greg

    This will not be a training frame! There is a place for high performance allow frames based on the the features Victor has laid out for the Selene. Where did training bike come from?!?

  • Lol Greg 🙂

    Well in modern times all manufacturers joined the chorus of carbon being the racing material. Even Cannondale that came last to the large brand carbon party relegated the CAAD to a niche or training use.

    Thus virtually all current alloy frames are made not to be super high performers, but indeed something more disposable and supposedly lesser than even the nastiest and cheapest generic carbon frames.

    This is of course not factually true, and Selene will therefore happily outperform many higher cost carbon frames, let alone alloy ones.

    We chose to make the Selene as good as possible, not to satisfy a price point or to have a "gap filler" in our range.

  • Andrew

    Well it will be a training frame for me, a very nice training frame.
    My Isoflow will be my weekend/fine weather bike.
    If the Selene performs exceptionally well, then thats a good thing, it just means I'll want to ride it as much as my Isoflow.

  • You can see that I am confident…but yes it will be exciting to see how well it does in real life. Design intent, implementation and engineering focus are all fine and well, but we will all know for sure only when it is ridden…

    I will of course also build several, for our own use and also later on for rental.

    I think that even the entry level, Entrant build with Tiagra will do very well since it is not really just Tiagra. It uses the pro FSA Gossamer Pro BB30 cranks (as used in the pro tour by the stronger riders) and TRP R920 brakes.