Velocite website is live! …sort of…

Well we are finally getting there.

The website is now officially open!

There are a few issues however that I will list here:

  • The website is actually not finished – it is about 80% done, but I would like testing and load feedback to start coming in so that we can start tuning it
  • Notable deficiencies are a lack of 3D View, or incorrect destination. We are working on this now, but due to the complexity it will take possibly another 5 days to get this done
  • Many modules are turned off so some of the pages look a bit simplistic. We will enable additional functionality over time keeping in mind that we do not want to slow down the site too much
  • Google Friend Connect is embedded into the code and their feature range keeps growing so we will add more functions over time, for example Picasa galleries, and various other hosted applications
  • Shop is not online yet, but I am hoping to get that up and running by the end of the week

Anyone that originally offered to help us test the site, go ahead and tell me what is broken and what the performance is like.

Known bug: Firefox has issues with GFC (Google Friend Connect) user bar. It keeps opening and closing on its own once you open it. To stop that, hunt the options down arrow and click on it. Firefox blames Mootools bug for this behaviour, but Chrome and indeed IE (incredibly) do not have this problem

  • Nice looking website, really well presented.

  • Thanks Neil,

    it is still missing the 3D view, and a proper team section, and a bit of "spit and polish", but the overall look and feel is in place and I am glad you like it 🙂

  • Biggest, most glaring feedback:

    The background.

    Go with a solid image, please – both from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. White is good.

  • 🙂 Yeah…white may be the simplest..

    We had plans for the background beyond static, but it is extremely hard to do it right at really high resolutions.