Velocite Magnus – update

…well there will be no more updates from me, for a while at least. Nathan came down from Taipei today and bought my bike off me… I tried to hold on to it since it is MY bike, but then with “gentle” pushing from Nathan given that we are now out of stock of size L Magnus frames (once the current orders are fulfilled), I relented and sold it to him.

He first took it for a test ride and it seemed that the Magnus was all he ever wanted from a bike. He commented that it was a fair bit less forgiving compared to his current ride, a Fuji carbon/alloy bike, but that it was several magnitudes stiffer. It also happened to fit him well – I was a little bit surprised by that since it was set up for me and I am a bit taller. The Magnus just seems to feel “right”.

So there ends my brief affair with the Velocite Magnus, for updates I will need to cajole the riders to give us their feedback.

We will have new stock of all sizes in March… and I will again build one for myself and that time try even harder to hold onto it 🙂