Updates – frenzy of activity :-)

We got our first studio photos back – components. Frame photos should come in tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the day that Shimano promised delivery of the build components.

Tomorrow is however not the day when our websites will come online…this will take about 10 more days – hopefully less.

The website we are building is a bit different from other bike websites. It is being made in spirit of Velocite – openness and sharing, thus there is a very elaborate social networking platform that is being woven into it.

To my knowledge this will be the first corporate website that allows full social interaction and contribution. I see this as a good way to embrace the current trend of online networking tools and of course spread the news about Velocite through that channel.

It is also a risk, since being so widely open to the internet carries risks associated with inevitable dissatisfied customers, product failures, and negative experiences that this same sharing and open approach can unwittingly help magnify and disseminate. I am of course hoping that this does not happen 🙂

This does not mean that visitors to the website are forced to join the “Velocite cult” in order to get the information they are seeking. While deeply rooted into the website, the social and networking components are unobtrusive and can be completely avoided, thus for these visitors the website can behave just like any other static website out there.

What is the aim of this social immersion approach?

As I mentioned, I would like the news about this new bike brand, Velocite to spread through the internet as quickly and effectively as possible. This is of course great from the advertising and promotion perspective since it is “free” (nothing is free however and I already mentioned the main risk).

The second and “more noble” intent is to empower the customers and users and share the ownership and success of the Velocite brand with them (you).

I am optimistic that this somewhat risky approach will work and that it will tap into the cyclist-on-the-internet collective unconscious and deliver something special.