Velocite Zephyr forks are here!

Our first production batch of the Velocite Zephyr aero forks arrived today.

This fork is truly excellent. I’ll explain.

It is an aero fork, but unlike most aero forks, this one can be safely used in any wind conditions, and it is also laterally stiff and extremely light for an aero fork.

It is made from high modulus carbon fibre using a full monocoque process. This means that the steerer, crown and the blades are all one and the same piece of carbon. Many forks currently on the market are bonded using several shapes in order to make the final product. This is not the best way to make a fork. Even our super high end bonded tube frame, the Velocite Helios uses a monocoque carbon fibre fork (Velocite Bora 1 1/8” – 1.5” tapered steerer fork).

The aero shape of the fork is likewise very special. It uses a wing shape, or a surfboard sail shape when looking at it from the side. This shape allows very good performance in various apparent wind directions (yaw). In practice it means that you will get most of the traditional aero fork benefits, without being blown off your line or of your bike due to sudden gusts of wind.

The front surface area is very small, while the trailing edges are tapered almost to a point to maximise the teardrop shape.

The dropouts are made from forged alloy to ensure maximum lifespan in the intended harsh life this fork is made for – sportive racing, epic riding, and frequent travelling with your frame packed in perhaps not the best padded carriers.

We will also offer this fork for sale on its own, not just bundled with our frames.


  • Construction: high modulus carbon monocoque with alloy dropouts
  • Steerer: full carbon 1 1/8”
  • Type: aero fork
  • Weight: 380g

velocite zephyr 001velocite zephyr cropped front

  • Fab

    I just bought the Velocite Zephyr carbon fork. It’s coming…
    Does it come with star nut or compression plug for the steerer tube?

    • No it does not. It is just a fork. I hope you enjoy it.