Velocite team clothing – high performance riding gear

It is good, I know since I tested it personally on a 34 degrees Celsius sunny day in Kaohsiung – a city in south Taiwan.

I took the Velocite Millennium bike for a ride – not to test it any more since we have placed our production order with the factory, but just for fun since it is really nice to ride, even in supremely hot weather.

The Velocite Team Jersey did really well. I could not feel any sweat on me even though I was obviously sweating quite a bit – this means that the fabric that we chose does not absorb water and does not get waterlogged. You will feel dry (feel, not be dry – this is not a miracle cloth), and the jersey will not cling to your skin regardless of your amount of perspiration.

Here is the cloth detail photo – the cloth uses a square weave pattern using 3D star profile fibres that form natural evaporation channels, minimise the skin contact area, and maximize the available evaporation area for sweat (or rain).



If the weather conditions or your efforts manage the defeat the fabric, the jersey can handle that too since it has a full length zipper. When it is simply too hot you can open the jersey completely.

The jersey also has silicon grippers around the waist, and no elastic of any kind at the arms, for best fit and maximum comfort.

The classic 8 panel, overlocked shorts utilise high strength, semi-compression fabric that fits nice and snug, but does not impair the circulation or cause discomfort. The grippers are high quality silicon.

The shorts take advantage of a very high quality 3D molded pad that uses “Super Cool” multi layer composition. The pad is of medium thickness – about the same as Santini shorts. Importantly, the pad does not bunch up nor does it cause any chafing problems – not on my skin anyway.

For night training a nice safety feature there is a large 3M Scotchlite(tm) Velocite logo on a rear panel.

Here are some better photos that I took today.
















thad_team_jersey_rear shorts_side


The logos can be fully customized to suit your own team requirements. We will also be selling the clothing in our new shop (in testing now). The price to performance ratio will again be unbeatable.