Velocite Helios test samples arrived

The last two of the live testing samples of the brilliant Velocite Helios have arrived.

The frame is truly special and a lot more will be written about it as we ready it for the market.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • Integrated seat post (ISP) -  34.9mm round shape to allow use of all aftermarket ISP clamps and stubby internal seat posts.
  • BB30 bottom bracket



  • Asymmetric head tube 1 1/8” top 1.5” bottom




  • Fully internal cable routing. Brake and shifter cables. Internal straight Teflon tubes serve as a guide and provide minimal contact points for the control cables – no interference with shifter or brake cables. There are no curved cable paths inside the frame.
  • High modulus carbon fiber construction to ensure high performance and low weight across all frame sizes.



  • Monocoque chain stays – chain stays and rear dropouts are one piece of carbon
  • Oversize profile chain stays to eliminate the BB section as source of flex.
  • Super thin seat stays for added comfort
  • Ultra light – size 840mm (XL) weighs 1115g with uncut seat mast, lacquer, bottom bracket cable guide.




  • Velocite Bora full carbon monocoque fork – steerer and the fork blades are the same piece of carbon – crazy strong and super light at just 370g with full length steerer. Wing profile blades deflect air flow around the down tube – similar to the Giant TCR Advanced fork.


The deflection test data indicates amazing stiffness at the bottom bracket and the head tube areas. Once we have tested more frames, we will do something unprecedented and publish the data.

This will be to my knowledge the first time that actual numerical test data in N/mm (Newtons per millimeter) will be made available.

We will do the same with the Magnus frame.

It is important to keep in mind that these are just two data points, stiffness at the BB and stiffness at the head tube. So even though Magnus and Helios may achieve the same results at these two points, they will still ride differently and will be best suited for a different kind of riding.

Here are some photos of one of the Helios sample frames and a sample Bora fork:


Velocite Helios XL test sample frame.

velocite helios 001


BB30 and the bottom bracket area. This bottom bracket does not flex. Also look at the chain stay size and keep in mind that the bottom bracket shell is the huge BB30 size not BSA/ISO.

velocite helios 003velocite helios 015


Head tube area. Extensive over-wrapping of the joint and large down tube profile.

velocite helios 004


Super thin, split seat stays and extra large monocoque chain stay/dropouts.


velocite helios 011velocite helios 006


Velocite Bora 1 1/8” – 1.5” asymmetric steering column super light aero deflection fork is truly special. It has a true airfoil shape that terminates at the trailing edge section just 1mm thick. This fork is not a pretender. It is the real deal.


velocite helios 016velocite helios 018


I expect that the Velocite Helios will be in stock by the end of August. Price will be far better than the comparable top of the range frames from larger brands. Well, comparable is not really fair as there are not many frames that can compare to the Helios and Bora combination.