Velocite – update

I did not post anything for a while – not because nothing is happening, but because we are now so close to launch that most of our activities are behind the scenes.

I will share some main areas of activity right now.

Velocite Website. When it is finished it will live at . Right now it is only open to site administrators. I am hoping to have it ready to go live by the 30th of November. It will be a different type of website, not commonly seen with the bike brands. It will of course feature all the product information, photos and videos. It will also provide high resolution downloads, online forums, links to our new Facebook and Twitter areas, and it will also allow you to leave your comments on all of our products. We are planning to make this website as technologically up to date as possible. It will not be just a static brochure site, but will hopefully offer a place where you can interact with other Velocite customers, gain useful insights about our products and the brand, and stay updated regarding the latest events and developments

Velocite Online Shop. The shop is now live, but not complete so I cannot yet provide a link to it. Our shop will provide the best possible shopping experience using true state-of-the-art technology. Without disclosing our business secrets (interestingly we are already being copied on several fronts and we have not even launched yet 🙂 I can say that what we have in mind will be the perfect solution for online shopping, and for sales through local bike shops.

2011 product planning. Yes indeed, we are now creating our 2011 range of products, and some 2012 projects too. I again cannot disclose too much information about this for obvious reasons since we are now deep into industrial secrets territory but, it is all good. We will again deliver products that are simply not available anywhere else at any price, all without resorting to dubious marketing practices and the art of “making things up”. Some of the things that we are working on now are extremely exciting. There will not be any major changes to the current products, but there will be some new products and material science and production technology innovations.


In other exciting news, our Helios, Magnus and Flux frames will be in stock by the 15th of November. The first stop for them will be a professional photo studio to get the high quality photos that all our products deserve.

There is one more very exciting bit of news that I am burning to share, but the contract has not been finalized yet. Stay tuned.