Velocite Pricelist

Here we are… the first public price list for Velocite products. These prices are valid until further notice.

Please read this carefully to avoid confusion and unnecessary grief: the prices listed are what is known as a ‘MINIMUM selling price’, MSP. Velocite products will not sell at less than their MSP, unless there are special promotions or discounts in place.

What does that mean? Velocite is a global brand and we are building a distribution network. We will also sell our products online. However since our brand is built on the message of quality and openness, we will control the selling price and thus avoid price competition between different sellers or sales channels (bike shop (LBS) versus online, for example).

Why not set a selling price then instead of this potentially confusing ‘minimum selling price’? The reason for this is again to maintain fairness and foster satisfaction with our business partners and customers. Different countries have different import duties, sales taxes and other charges, thus the actual landed cost (the total cost for receiving a product into a local warehouse) of our products in one country may be significantly higher than the landed cost in another country. This means that in some countries for distributors and shops to make a meaningful profit and thus make Velocite available to you locally, the selling price may be HIGHER than our MSP. This does not mean that you are not getting a good deal, it just means that you live in a developed country that uses your tax money to build better bike paths and bike facilities…well maybe not.

Will you then set a maximum selling price? No. We will instead also sell our products directly through our own online shop and will leave the maximum selling price regulation to the market forces. Velocite products will therefore always be fairly priced in whichever country you live in. You can then also rest assured that your local bike shop is not actually overcharging you, since they will easily point you to this document that explains everything.

Hold on, how do you expect to sell online AND through distributors? Simple really, if your local shop or distributor has stock, you will have no incentive whatsoever to buy directly from our online shop. Thus there is no competition between us and distributors, or other shops, and you get your Velocite and thus help your local distributor by increasing the customer base. Everybody is happy.

The price list then…the prices below do not include shipping or your local taxes in case you are buying from us directly.


Prices are minimum selling prices (MSP) in USD (US$, US Dollars)

Velocite Selene frameset (frame, fork, headset, compressor) $ 699.00
Velocite Isoflow frameset (frame, fork, headset, compressor) $ 1,199.00
Velocite Helios frameset (frame, fork, headset, compressor) $ 1,699.00
Velocite Magnus frameset (frame, fork, headset, compressor) $ 1,699.00
Velocite Millennium frameset (frame, fork, headset, compressor) $ 1,799.00
Velocite Flux frame (frame, headset, star nut) $ 1,099.00
Velocite Noir 38/50T full carbon tubular wheelset, Velocite OS15 Ceramic hubs with ceramic hybrid bearings, DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, handbuilt 1200g $ 899.00
Velocite Noir 38/50C full carbon clincher wheelset, Velocite OS15 Ceramic hubs with ceramic hybrid bearings, DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, handbuilt 1450g $ 999.00
Velocite Noir 50/90T full carbon tubular wheelset, Velocite OS15 Ceramic hubs with ceramic hybrid bearings, DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, handbuilt. 1400g $ 1,099.00
Velocite Noir 50/90C full carbon clincher wheelset, Velocite OS15 Ceramic hubs with ceramic hybrid bearings, DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, handbuilt. 1640g $ 1,199.00
Velocite NIOC32 carbon wrapped niobium alloy clincher wheelset with alloy braking surface. 32mm profile. Velocite OS15 hubs with sealed Japanese EZO bearings, DT Swiss Super Comp spokes, handbuilt, 1570g $ 599.00
Velocite MONC50 full carbon clincher wheels. 50mm profile. Velocite OS15 hubs with sealed Japanese EZO bearings, DT Swiss Super Comp spokes, handbuilt, 1510g $ 899.00
Velocite NIOC32 carbon wrapped niobium alloy clincher rim, 20H front $ 180.00
Velocite NIOC32 carbon wrapped niobium alloy clincher rim, 24H rear $ 180.00
Velocite OS15 hub set (front, rear, QR skewers), ultra light, 15mm rear axle, CNC machined $ 199.00
Velocite TLC27 27.2mm carbon/alloy/titanium seat post 175g $ 79.00
Velocite TLC31 31.6mm carbon/alloy/titanium seat post 185g $ 79.00
Velocite SCS full carbon saddle 113g $ 159.00
Velocite Anchor 31.8mm CNC machined twin bolt seat tube clamp $ 19.00
Velocite Anchor ISP 34.9mm 3D forged, CNC machined ISP clamp $ 59.00
Velocite Zephyr full carbon monocoque aero fork 1 1/8" 375g $ 229.00
Velocite Bora full carbon monocoque fork 1 1/8" – 1.5" 365g $ 239.00
Velocite LICOS handlebars 175g 40, 42, 44 cm $ 229.00
Velocite ACROS handlebars 260g 40, 42, 44cm $ 149.00
Velocite FCS full carbon stem with titanium bolts 120g $ 159.00
Velocite Ethereal 10.5g ultra light carbon bottle cage $ 39.00
Velocite Team Gear 1 jersey $ 69.00
Velocite Team Gear 1 shorts $ 69.00
Velocite Team Gear 1 bib shorts $ 69.00
Velocite Polo shirt, black with Velocite logo $ 39.00

  • Anonymous

    The prices are not low but still competitive. And what are those selling channels worldwide I wonder? I mean that if Velocite products are going to be sold via local retailers, it will make them (prices) significantly higher. Official customhouse declaration, taxes, retailers` own profit margin… I judge according to my home (Russian) cycling market, probably in other countries retailers are more client-friendly in the sphere…


  • Thank you for asking this. There is still meaningful margin in the distributor pricing so the disparity between the local versus MSP pricing should not be large. In any case we have the direct option as a "safety net" to ensure that Velocite is not priced out of reach.

    …oh, and our prices are incredibly low given what you actually get for the money 🙂

  • Pretty reasonable compared to the established brands! A lot of bang for the buck!

    What would be a ballpark for a full build
    + Helios
    + Dura-ace/Red shifters/dérailleurs
    + Velocite finishing
    + 38/50 clinchers

    That's what I want for my racing steed next year! The Scottish roads should give it a stern test.

  • No need for ballparking that one. We actually have that price.

    The Helios DA Elite build with Velocite Noir 38/50 clinchers is USD 4999.

    I do not know the SRAM build prices yet. I have the pricelist, but no time to put the kits together. I will try to do that over the weekend. Should come in a bit cheaper than the DA Elite.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the price list. I have been waiting patiently for the MONC50 wheels. I checked your store link and they are not listed in the store. Is there a different link I should be using?

  • Anonymous

    The Flux looks awesome! Will you be offering a 29er version of the Flux?

    Sorry I have to ask. I converted to big wheels 3 years ago and will never go back a 26 inch hardtail.

    Will there be a corresponding carbon rigid fork? Looking to build a rigid carbon 29er for racing

  • Re: Flux.

    Thank you! We are very happy with it too. Besides the shape, we are also very happy with the technolgy used to make it. I will share some more information about that shortly.

    29" version. Yes we will make a 29" version starting with 19" and 20" or 21" sizes (we need to decide the correct size spread). We will thus have a 19" Flux with 26" or 29" wheels.

    Additionally, the 29" version will also have a few different design solututions that we will later transfer to the 26" version. This is a part of our continuous improvement process – similar to the automotive industry actually.

    We have started work on the 29" version already, but I do not expect to have it until April/May next year.

    Rigid fork. No, we do not have plans to make it. There are already a few alternatives in the market and I feel that we cannot add anything significant to them to improve them. Over time we may develop a rigid MTB carbon fork, but not at the moment.

    We can however supply the Flux 29" version with a Rock Shox 29" suspension fork.

  • Re MONC50 wheels.

    Sorry 🙁 we are lagging behind in our web development so the wheels are not available for purchase anywhere. Veloite shop is not ready yet to process payments so we cannot really bring it online.

    We also have no stock yet, but the rims are nearly finished and the DT Swiss spokes arrived on Saturday so I am hoping that we can start building them next week.

    I will post an update on the blog.

  • Are you going to offer custom geometry on the Selene?

  • Custom geometry on Selene.

    We do not have any plans for that yet. The factory we use is excellent, but they require certain minimum order quantities to work for us. Similarly, we are using the best paint shop in Taiwan (truly) and they likewise need volume in order to take us as their customer.

    Lastly, Selene is meant to be identical to the Helios but for the material choice, thus we did not really plan for custom geometries.

    …nevertheless, it is an interesting concept so I will keep that as a possibility for a future project.

  • Maybe not full custom, but for example allow to mix different size tubes: for example the XL head tube and seat tube on the L Selene.

  • I see… that would indeed be simpler, but we cannot since I forgot one more thing, the Selene is a precisely engineered frame. All the tubes were designed and made to work with each other in a given size to achieve the weight target….and to allow the frame to survive the extreme EN tests. To keep to this ideal we would need to create at least two custom frames for each order as one frame would then be sacrificed to the EN test.

    At this stage then, Selene is really not well suited for customization due to our rather unique approach to design and construction.

    We are making a new stem system that will allow great degree of handlebar reach adjustment, without sacrificing stiffness. We hope to have this ready early next year.

  • Can't wait to get my hands on the Anchor ISP clamp!

  • Anonymous

    I'm very interested in the Velocite Selene frameset, but, could you give me an idea of the shipping cost?
    I live in Mexico.
    anyway your products are awesome and the prices too.

  • Thank you!

    Regarding shipping costs, there are several options and until our online shop and distributors are set up, please use the contact form (Contat Us) to talk to us directly about your requirements.