Velocite Anchor ISP clamp – update

We just received prototype clamp parts that enable the Velocite Anchor ISP clamp to accommodate oversize rail saddles, such as our Velocite SCS saddle, or the Fizik oversize carbon rail saddles.

This is very exciting since this makes the Velocite Anchor ISP one of the few clamps that can properly clamp any saddle type.

Here is how the prototype clamp parts look with our Velocite SCS saddle and the Anchor ISP clamp body.

velocite anchor ISP new clamp 004

velocite anchor ISP new clamp 002


The final parts will of course be finished to a much better level and will be anodized to the same colour as the clamp body. The clamp parts are fully interchangeable meaning that you are no longer locked into a particular saddle system. You can use any saddle with our ISP clamp.

The estimated availability date is first week of December.