Distributor pricelist now ready

In preparation for launch we have compiled a distributor price list. This took a lot of work as you can imagine.

While our own number of products is not yet extensive, working out prices for all the build components and kits was a pretty major undertaking.

We of course hope that we got the pricing right since that will influence the level of interest in Velocite products.

I know that our prices are higher than generic or lower performance alternatives from China or Taiwan, but Velocite products are at a much higher level of performance and quality. Importantly, Velocite prices are significantly cheaper than prices of any comparable product in the same performance class from any brand. This is in line with our brand promise to outperform any competitor’s product while costing about half as much. Yes it is a bold claim, but our test riders and early customers can vouch that this is actually true.

I expect to have most products and build kit components in stock by the end of October. We can then do some real product photographs, and embark on the media blitz. We will also have product instruction manuals and  fully backed factory warranty and crash replacement policies in place.

Qualified distributors and shops interested in direct distribution, please contact us via our contact form here: Talk to Velocite to obtain the price lists.